Friday, 5 August 2022

The Tump Clump Episode 15 - MIXCLOUDSPESH

The Tump Clump reaches episode 15, and due to the summer siesta for SoundArt Radio, this is a Mixcloud exclusive edition for July / August.  Which also coincides with my 40th birthday so I decided to play a few extra tracks because I do not need to stick to the usual prescribed one hour slot......

Another disclaimer: I only play tracks I own. Either physically, digitally, or gifted to me direct from the artist/label.  If you enjoy the sounds played on this show, please directly support the artists and labels buy purchasing some of their art. 

Opening with the monolithic drone of Shiverdust by Lucidet which is taken from the Life Death Chaos Order album, a sprawling 4xCD / digital album of longform dirge and dark dynamics.  A feast of a trip if ever there was one.

Drek 5 by Ekoplekz is next - part of a suite of unreleased tracks that Nick was kind enough to send me a while back.  Check out his new single release which is on 7" lathe - be quick, not many left!

The next couple of tracks come from the compilation album The Quietened Mechanisms which was released by A Year In The Country back in 2018.  I recently revisited my CD copy and released again just how many great tracks there are on the release.  So I have included the offerings by Field Lines Cartographer and Grey Frequency which seem to sit well amongst the opening electronic drones of tonight's show.  I love the way the Grey Frequency track melds into a lush pad with birdsong halfway through.

A track by False Moniker from the Screen Memory tape which was released on Strange Rules in 2020.  Pretty much everything on the label is gold, but it seems to be a bit quiet of late as label owner Cremation Lily is concentrating on touring and releases their own sounds.  

Then I gratuitously played my remix of the Klaus Von Mork track "Little Owl" from the Rental Yields Volume One compilation, out now on Front & Follow.  It is really great to be involved in this digital series, and I thoroughly enjoyed putting this track together.  It's a sort of noisy / squelchy distorted vision of KVM's original session recording and found samples.  Future editions of the compilation will include the Megaheadphoneboy interpretation of my samples, and then the Klaus Von Mork rework of a Megaheadphoneboy track.  There are 20 tracks on this volume, all of excellent quality and touching up the various strands of electronics / experimentals, and sales are raising money for the homeless shelter charity in Manchester, so please support if you are able.  

AUTECHRE! I previously said on The Tump Clump that I wouldn't play any Autechre because if you wanted to listen to them you know where to find them.  But for this special edition of the show (and to kind of commemorate my 40th birthday!) I decided to play Tankraken, lifted from the Versions edition of their 2008 Quaristice album.  It still sounds superbly future, with icy percussion and moody grumbling bass.  I hope the mixcloud algorithm AI doesn't pull my show because I played this.

Then more excellent moody electronics from Helm, with a track called MOLE from the recent Axis album.  

Time to play some noisier stuff... kicking off with GRIMWITH who I recently discovered via the double edged sword of Instagram.  Some great digital / tape noise coming at ya from Leeds.  Check it. 

I dipped back into the Rental Yields album with a track from Kinver Ponds and TarotPlane, with a track called For The Benefit Of The Community.  Lovely brutal repetition and ethereal voices.  Some might say "dismal".

Some may say that quite foolishly I decided to then play RatCornSample by DK.  This beast of a track appeared in my inbox recently and I cackled hard and had to play it.  So there.  VAMPIRES!

Then a bit of crackling noise wall for you, 5 minutes to be exact, courtesy of Gynaeolotry and the Plastic Bag: A HNW tribute to Vomir.  You will also found my Postman Lomu tribute to Vomir on the digital download extension should you really wish to listen to more.  

Black Lead Crucibles is a side project of the mighty Disgusting Cathedral - a long form tense droning beast of dungeon noise.  This meshes nicely into.....

....Hoodrat Messiah and the track Casablanca from the new EP called Gospel. Panic inducing atonal drones! Lovely stuff.  Another artist I discovered via Instagram, and they often put up pictures of their wonderful array of pedals and synths used in the creation of these sounds.  

To finish wish, I play a track by another Tump Clump favourite which is Salac, with their album closing number called Manifesto from Illicit Rituals.  It's a few years now since they interviewed for my now defunct Snare Rush zine, so maybe I should try and entice them back to Intrusive Signals for some more.  Hope to hear some new stuff from them soon! 

That's it for now.

Monday, 25 July 2022

Kitty Jay

From a forthcoming project

Far from where the believers pray

A mound of stone and soil lay.

Pilgrims pass and pay their respect

To the orphan girl who hanged her neck.

From Manaton strike for Bowerman’s Nose

Then over to where the Webburn flows.

Buried and staked where the roads are crossed

A banished soul forever lost.


Find fresh flowers at Four Cross Lane

Remembrance of the maidens' pain.

Pregnant and shamed she was cast away

The shallow grave of Kitty Jay.

Wednesday, 13 July 2022


I became involved in the Front & Follow "Rental Yields" remix project in February of this year.  The idea is to be grouped with 2 other artist, and you each supply some samples / tunes / sounds (as "landlord") then re-work the sounds of somebody else in the triplet (as "tenant").  The project highlights the current housing crisis (HIGH RENTAL YIELDS!) and is raising much needed funds for SPIN, a Manchester based support charity.  

I was tasked with stealing and mangling the raw improvised sounds of Klaus Von Mork who currently resides in Gran Canaria, and my track has made it onto Volume One.  London based electronic musician Megaheadphoneboy received a clutch of my field recordings, unused samples and what not to turn into an excellent fidgety rave creation, which will feature in a later volume.  Then finally, Klaus Von Mork has reworked some of Megaheadphoneboy's recordings in order to complete our trio for a future edition. 

An excellent process to be part of, and Justin from Front & Follow has been truly professional and organised throughout.  Which of course you need to be with over 100 artists involved and files being swapped all over the place...

Really great to be on such a diverse lineup, featuring Kieran Mahon (who I saw give an inspirational performance at Dronica Festival in London a few years back), Polypores (who's album Flora remains one of my favourite modular synth creations of beauty and weirdness), The Leaf Library (London drone collective), Kinver Pond (who released the excellent Wellness Regime album alongside Ivy Nostrum) and finishing off with the unimitable Yol. 

And the best thing about these compilations is that there are many new artists I am not too familiar with, and so, let the digging commence......

>>> You can pre-order / purchase / stream Volume One HERE <<<


1.Robbie Elizee vs Kieran MahonSister States

2.Bone Music vs Audio ObscuraSeize The Means Of Control Voltage

3.Polypores vs Crisp Packet JacketsTrance Goblins

4.Kat Bryan vs Cahn Ingold PrelogPaladin

5.Dogs vs Shadows vs Moray NewlandsThe Soft Cushion Broke the Shadows Fall

6.Kuma vs The Leaf LibraryA Guillotine For My Landlord

7.Spaceship vs Heavy CloudOn What Were Once These Streets Before

8.Mute Branches vs wesellboxesWitching Residence at the Box Factory

9.Salford Electronics vs Camp of WolvesShards

10.Distant Animals vs The Revenant SeaYields

11.Elizabeth Joan Kelly vs The Burning Trestle-Portabella House By-The-Sea (After The Burning Trestle)

12.Soloman Tump vs Klaus Von MorkLittle Owl (Stolen Pellet Mix 2)

13.Silver Tears vs QuartersizedAnd I Stumble Around

14.Kinver Pond vs tarotplaneFor The Benefit Of The Community1\

5.Selfish Limbs vs The Kendall MintcakeSurrender

16.Bit Cloudy vs RunningonairTheoretical Conspiracy

17.bleepeater vs The Incidental CrackHeroin Friend

18.Wodwo vs Shit CreekCetaphil Effaclar

19.Yellow6 vs David WallrafThe World Can Be As Sad As It Seems

20.yol vs Concrete/FieldRental Yields

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Gritonometry EP

I have been working on a couple of tracks inspired by the presence of interesting bugs.  One of the ideas made it to the "Small Sounds" compilation previously blogged about but I managed to flesh out a couple that I ended up fairly happy with.

And so with a couple of other bits I have been working on, I decided to put this out as a digital only EP with "Pay what you want" enabled - please just ask if you want a free download code because I can easily generate some.

Cover image: woodworm "writing" from felled Oak tree.

So aside from the little bugs I have been looking at... I suffer from pretty bad hay fever. Some days it is completely crippling and I just want to hide inside under the duvet while I cry, sneeze and generally dehydrate into a withered husk. It is so dependant on the weather. I liken it to turning a tap on and off. Occasionally it gets left running at the worst time.  Today however... it is ok and I just have a mild fuzzy headache. 

Gritonometry is a concept I came up with whilst languishing in allergy induced hibernation recently. The sun was shining! But my eyes and nose were streaming with snotulus and I wept in the shower.. A complete bastardization of the fleeting visit of high summer we experience in the UK. The track is fairly simple, dense, and noisy. It does not do much. I was feeling pretty down when I wrote it.

The Black Ash Slug can be found on Dartmoor, it is the largest land slug in the world.  They are pretty rare and are only found in ancient woodlands, of which there are sadly dwindling examples of in the UK.  There are a couple up on Dartmoor where these slugs like to hang out.  

Rare "selfie" of me, even rarer because it was taken 

The Broad Bodied Chaser is a type of dragonfly that occasionally visits our pond. The one I saw looked like a huge hornet with menacing black and white stripes, until it landed and I figured out what it was. These two tracks have a strong percussive element and are swamped in bass and static. They are the most dynamic of the tracks I present here but I believe still retain the Tump sound.

The closing track Intrusive Signals is named after my zine project of the same name. The original piano was supplied by Arachnopus who I have worked with a few times now (she did the amazing video earlier this year for my set on Wonder Valley Experimental 14, as well as providing some excellent intrusive artwork for my zine). I took her original improvised piano recording (with some very light trimming) and added a large amount of filth. I loved making this and she supplied some great material to work with. Thank you!

1. Gritonometry 04:23

2. Black Ash Slug 05:36

3. Broad Bodied Chaser 05:52

4. Intrusive Signals 06:40

Note on mastering:

I find that the hayfever also effects my hearing - I am generally blocked. Bass sounds can hurt as they whistle through my ears, everything is muffled and dense. These recordings are probably heavily saturated with that sort of sound. A document to this moment in time through my senses.  Best listened to loud on some big speakers.  If the sun is shining outside, maybe shut the curtains and snort some ground black pepper to try and replicate my situation (actually, dont do that).

All tracks recorded April - June 2022. 

releases July 1, 2022


Piano on "Intrusive Signals" by Arachnopus.

All field recordings from Dartmoor by Soloman Tump

All other sounds by Soloman Tump and my machines.

Friday, 24 June 2022

Small Sounds For Small Bugs

 It was quite a coincidence that Moon Musiq put a call out for bug theme tracks, right as I was working on a bug themed selection of tracks that may form a future Soloman Tump release.

I am constantly fascinated by the world of the small.... recently I have been lichen spottng with the Devon Biodiversity Records Centre, and also with a local charitable farm via the PlantLife scheme.  I bought one of those little loupe finger magnifying lenses and it is amazing what you can discover.  

Here is just a small selection of what I have snapped recently.  Some accurate bug descriptions... some unidentified as yet (I am learning, go easy)

Lichen up on Dartmoor

Snails enjoying the warmth of the tree guard


Lethal looking fly!

Phyllopertha Horticola on Dartmoor (in their hundreds....)

Unknown little caterpillar

Drinker Moth caterpillar

Big slug!

Nice looking shield bug?

Camouflaged spider with not so camouflaged egg sac

Leech at Haytor quarry pond

Beautiful Demoiselle on the bunting in our garden

And so to the music.... Small Sounds For Small Bugs is a compilation of 30 tracks by 30 artists, each lasting 30 seconds exactly.  So it plays out as a sort of mixtape totalling exactly 15 minutes.  Plenty of samples, ideas, scuttling, rustling, noises and samples as you can imagine.  

My track was fun to work on, it started as a shuffling percussive loop idea I had for a longer track but I ended up just trimming it back to the requisite 30 seconds and adding some of my trademark noise layers to make it less accessible.

Small Sounds For Small Bugs

So tons of inspiration from the small creatures.  I named my track "Narrow Headed Ant" after the very rare type of ant which is found on one nature reserve in all of England... about 5 miles from my home.  It builds a sort of thatched hat for the nest, creating warmth and safety.  There is not much of the specific heathland habitat left for them and they never travel far to create new nests.  So their numbers are critically limited thanks to humans building every bloodywhere. 

As ever, Moon Musiq are raising funds for the GEMS-Girls charity in the USA so any donations you care to make towards the compilation will be greatly received.

Thursday, 26 May 2022

The Tump Clump Episode 14

 Hello friends.

This is the last Tump Clump show for a while, as SoundArt hand over the reigns to RadioArtZone for their 100 day artist takeover for the summer.  Each chosen artist gets 22 hours to fill with their own sounds which are then broadcast through community radio stations across Europe.

So some personal challenges mean this break in broadcasting has probably come at a good time.  Means I can concentrate on some other things for a few months.  I have a split release in the works with an emerging noise artist called Distraxi which I am very excited about, and I have prepared a remix of a Klaus Von Mork track for the forthcoming Front & Follow compilation (also Megaheadphoneboy has remixed some Soloman Tump material for that too). 

Ahh and I've also submitted a short track to a forthcoming Moon Musiq compilation too about bugs. Scuttly!

Tump Clump #14

First broadcast 31st May 2022 on SoundArt Radio 105.2fm / online 

1. BLACKCLOUDSUMMONER - A Positive Affirmation (from "There" via FoulPrey)

The tape is sold out but you can still grab the digital at the above link.  9 quality harsh noise / outsider trax expertly mastered for maximum impact by Foul Prey. All profits go to Dorset Mind, the mental health support charity. DEDICATED TO ALL THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN 'THERE', HELPED SOMEONE THROUGH 'THERE', ARE 'THERE' OR NEVER CAME BACK FROM 'THERE'.

2. Rovox 625 - Coralina Rainbox ("Cut Into" via Steep Gloss)

A stunning tape release through the ever reliable Steep Gloss label.  A collaboration of Clive Henry and Culver, providing over an hour of dismal drones that has fast become one of my favourite releases of the year so far.  Again, it looks like the tape has gone, but the digital can be heard.

3. Hendekagon - Doors of Deception ("NO MORE WAR PIGS" via Industrial Coast)

This charitable tape release from Industrial Coast is still available, but the digital will set you back a pretty penny! Raising funds for the vital World Central Kitchen Ukraine Appeal. 

4. Pepper Jean - What A Day! ("A Very Friendly Tribute to Throbbing Gristle" via Moon Musiq)

Happy to hear a new compilation from Moon Musiq, this time paying homage to industrial originators Throbbing Gristle. And it is a great compilation given how iconic the subject matter is.  What A Day! is my personal favourite TG track and this cover does a great job.  Proceeds from sales are once again supporting the GEMS charity.

5. Farmer Glitch - UHF-DR1 ("NO MUSIC ON A DEAD PLANET" via Music is Murder)

6. Antisocial Services - Yeah, I'm Not That Bothered ("NO MUSIC ON A DEAD PLANET" via Music Is Murder)

A couple of offerings from Music Is Murder out of Exeter, with a packed 17-track tape compilation which was released after the NO MUSIC ON A DEAD PLANET week (cos if we kill the planet, there will be no sound).  I hope to check out the next event in Exeter coming up in June I believe.

7. Soloman Tump - Black Ash Slug (Unreleased / demo)

Recent recording from me, might still tweak it before it's called done.  I have been experimenting with a new home-built loop pedal purchased from METSAAN of Finland (who produces as Coldsore previously featured on this show).  The pedal is based on a Subspace Transmission, which has a lo-fi looping record function, fuzz, pitch and blend.  Exciting times, noisy, slightly unpredictable and exactly what I needed to give me some new ideas. 

8. Pigswill - Lyre Liar ("A Very Friendly Tribute to Throbbing Gristle" via Moon Musiq)

9. Panagiotis Mina - πληγή χωρίς δειλινό ("NO MORE WAR PIGS" via Industrial Coast)

10. Viimeinen - Unsustainable Distance ("There" by FoulPrey)

11. Soloman Tump - Jam Loop Noodle Nothing (Unreleased / demo)

I am currently taking a little break from Instagram (again), so will post a few updates here as things happen.  Why not go outside, enjoy the summer, make friends, do nice things.  

See you soon.

Monday, 9 May 2022

V/A - Plastic Bag - A HNW Tribute to Vomir

This is a V/A compilation released 6th May 2022 by godNOISEgod of Kansas City, Missouri.

The physical release comprises of 14 tracks of Harsh Noise Wall filling a CD (at 5 mins each), paying homage to (and including a track by) the dark lord of HNW himself, Vomir.  

As a digital bonus you can grab an extra 24 tracks if you download from bandcamp - bringing the total playlist to over 3 hours.  If you look closely, you will find nestled within a track by the mysterious Postman Lomu entitled "No Politics" - named by the label - which is quite fitting really since my tolerance of politics has dropped right through the floor over the past decade.  My first ever HNW production - and once I got over the fear of producing such a beast - an ultimately enjoyable process.  Maybe there will be more in the future, who knows.  

Pretty cool to be included, so thanks to godNOISEgod for sticking my effort into the digital stew.  I've just downloaded the full thing and am about to dive in..... will I survive 3+ hours of stasis? Well, find out next time....

From the original mantra by Vomir - "No Dynamics" - well, maybe not quite in the Postman Lomu track.  There may be some slight variation that creeps in? I shall let you decide.  

In other Vomir news, I recommend checking out his recent interview with White Centipede Noise which is a really engaging, entertaining and thoughtful interview.  I have enjoyed all of the WCN videocast's that I have watched, Rusalka, Haare and Scream&Writhe being the ones that spring to mind.  A great project!